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1.8L sea horse of 4 small dragon 3, who does nimble of distant view, fine horse,
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On June 6, the own brand car that sea horse car develops on new H1 platform, sea horse 3, appeared on the market formally. Already competed originally market of economy of very intense family of 1.8L platoon quantity car has added new variable. So opposite what advantage do 3 have at other mate sea horse? We chose the vehicle fund that is in 100 thousand yuan of price, standard type of sea horse 3 1.8MT (one hundred and three thousand eight hundred) , business affairs of distant view 1.8MT (one hundred and three thousand eight hundred) , F3 1.8MT is exalted model (ninety-five thousand eight hundred) , 1.8MT of fine horse nimble is luxurious model (one hundred and five thousand eight hundred) , will try to do one analysis for consumer.

[Guide buy] : 1.8L sea horse of 4 small dragon 3, who does nimble of distant view, fine horse, F3 buy? (Graph)

One, over all dimension is comparative

Appearance parameter is comparative (graph)

In this project, manufacturer definition is " accurate B class " the fine horse nimble of the car the in making this contrast ringleader of be worthy of, the car of the wheelbase of 2790mm, 1800mm is wide can be a number not merely just. To a lot of home customer that like large space, its appeal can be very big. And distant view has the oldest length breadth ratio, this makes it looks more slender, such design appears more the aesthetic habit of the officer's car that accords with domestic tradition. The 3 automobile body dimension with F3 do not highlight sea horse, but nonexistent also too clear inferior position.

2, dynamical sex is comparative

Performance data is comparative (graph)

The investment of auspicious own engine JL4G18 is used, the level of own dynamic technology with auspicious move stepped the level a new height. The dynamical parameter of this engine and use technology discharge an amount in domestic 1.8L lead position is in in natural and inspiratory engine. Combine the quality of the smallest reorganize and outfit in 3 cars, the dynamical show of distant view is worth to expect quite. And HM483Q and BYD483QA level of parameter of these two engine is passable, but with manufacturer of other and own brand already the new generation engine of put into production lacks window however than rising. The level of 4G93 engine power that place of fine horse nimble uses is right still, the quality of reorganize and outfit that is as high as 1415kg nevertheless makes its motivation is behaved flatly just, break away from badly move the exterior of feeling to experience at its. Perhaps ability of that 1.8T engine makes fine horse nimble " consistent " .
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