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Small lovely next year of I of car of miniature of 3 water chestnut entered Chin
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Reporter of close Japan station is in from agency of a of Guangzhou 3 water chestnut get breathtaking information. If successful, car of 3 water chestnut and the car of miniature of 3 water chestnut that Benz collaboration designs " I " next year hopeful entered China in January, lying at present preparative phase, with other entrances, 3 water chestnut take the kind that carries 3C allow the qualificatory card of the entrance.

At present car of miniature of 3 water chestnut " I " what use in Japan is engine of pressure boost of turbine of air cylinder of 0.66 litres of MIVEC3, can output the biggest 64 horsepower (when 6000rpm) , the biggest torsional 9.6 kilograms rice (when 3000rpm) , price is 1.26 million yen about. Provide this personage inside course of study to estimate, to can be in China the market obtains good sale outstanding achievement, car of 3 water chestnut will change the platoon volume of engine, the will be 1 above motor that when arriving, uses (because home is very much big in the city still limits small amount, and the car of this type also can be in only of home big in the city just has more market) . As to price respect, because engine discharges a quantity to had been changed somewhat, predict in home price still cannot give the space that issues put oneself in another's position so, but can assure of a bit is, because the dimension of automobile body and platoon are measured, price affirmation won't be too tall.

Had so excited news, that lets us understand above all " I " the circumstance that is in Japan: The concept of I is: Innovation (innovate) , Imagination (imagination) and Intelligence (wisdom) . I car more representing the understanding of 3 water chestnut to miniature car, its cause client group the crowd that to go after Gao Shuiping's life, pursuit free, pursuit innovates. "I " besides the exterior special attract besides, interior space is quite good, because use hind in buy engine, besides can add railroad car space, the most important is engine park rear, the congener model of engine of the buy before amortize space is compared wants a lot of more, additionally such design has much better around weight to compare, reduce brake pitch phenomenon effectively.
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