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Tiger of luck of 07 strange luck 3 appear on the market price ninety-five thousa
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Belonged to strange luck on May 18, 2007. This day is the opening day that Qingdao car postpones, strange luck is first company that sends notional car to enter this exhibition, in exhibit grab sufficient limelight; Day or this strange luck group of store of two large 4S -- the practice celebration of city of car of Da Jirui of sincere letter of city of car of Shanghai couplet Hai Jirui and Beijing; Additional, be in this day, the lucky tiger after getting ready 3 in Qingdao, Shanghai, Beijing 3 ground announce to appear on the market at the same time, 1.8L MT elite price ninety-five thousand eight hundred yuan, 1.8L MT is luxurious model price one hundred and five thousand eight hundred yuan. Arrive to channel from the exhibition product, strange luck is written down in this day again " super combination fist " .

Beijing sincere letter is amounted to (graph)

Tiger of strange luck luck of 3 appear on the market since is comprehensive to of brand of lucky tiger series face-off, be pair of primary product line extend and upgrade. Lucky tiger 3 with Qingdao car Zhan Jirui car exhibits a stage to give priority to appear on the market the ground, in addition of two of Beijing of have the aid of and Shanghai newest completion " city of strange luck car " (the only brand that strange luck founds is large mode of 4S group channel) the branch field that practice celebration appears on the market as this product, 3 ground are moved repeatedly, skill is uncommon. This luck tiger of 3 appear on the market on the meeting, manufacturer released 3 content, it is new respectively name, new power and new character.

Beijing sincere letter is amounted to (graph)

New name: Cong Ruihu arrives lucky tiger 3 strange luck " Hu Qun tactics " clue is shown first
This " lucky tiger 3 " name, mean lucky tiger to upgrade from product brand the brand that it is a mother, leave the SUV product of whole set on behalf of strange luck banner, also indicate the comprehensive program of a range of products of strange luck SUV comes to an end. This action is strange luck afterwards 6 years QQ upgrades the 2nd after mother brand " brand operation " , show strange luck is in farther clear framework of its whole brand.

According to strange luck Qin Lihong of sale company vise general manager introduces, continue to hold a title for many times since appear on the market champion of SUV sales volume, this year March is more sell 5321 flourish to ascend with the month " 3 coronals king " lucky tiger NCV already was named formally to be " lucky tiger 3 " . "Lucky tiger " (English name Tiggo, by " Tiger " be out of shape and come) meaning for " the tiger of strange luck " , also can express " lucky tiger " , all SUV that it expresses strange luck is subordinate kind product, already planned to exceed 5 at present; "Lucky tiger 3 " it is the 3rd platform in lucky tiger series, it is based on development of batholith of class A car, have under more the class A of miniaturization, individuation and A0 form product, have over those who be based on development of dimension of batholith of car of class of B, C is large, cross-country model product; Lucky tiger the 3 effect that have a connecting link between the preceding and the following, will be in short-term inside act whole set " calm Nereus needle " part.
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