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Auspicious and classical taxi will appear on the market first half of the year 2
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Foreign governmental delegate is attended personally, collective of character of system of research and development appears, media of mainstream of a hunderd schools is strong focusing, several audiences contend for photograph group photo, numerous problem interlink is cast piece, between exhibition period of Shanghai international car, the opening of auspicious and classical taxi created all-time grand appearance. On April 25, in exhibit meeting site, auspicious the heat problem that controls a group news spokesman to put forward in the light of everybody unscrambled this Ying Lungui personally a group of things with common features blood relationship is classical taxi.

This news spokesman points out, auspicious and classical taxi will by auspicious Lun Dihua company produces the Shanghai flower that accuses a group and British manganin company to hold water jointly, this newly-built joint-stock company by auspicious accuse a group, this also created the new pattern with joint-stock China and foreign countries. This auspicious exhibit the classical taxi that exhibits on the stage, for the newest TX4 that Ying Lun Di Hua rolls out taxi, compositive each excellent performance of acting taxi and characteristic. Through test of carry of nearly 70 years of concrete barracks, it is England is provided most representative, most suffer the passenger welcome, classical taxi that has top quality.

Classical taxi has the background of legend, high blood relationship. This spokesman emphasizes particularly, TX4 ever was multiplied to use for many times by British royal family, regard queen birthday as the special vehicle of celebration. It ever still served as 2002 the ceremony guest car of games of the British Commonwealth, and will be 2012 the designation of London Olympic Games uses a car. 2008 after Beijing Olympic Games, will deliver fire of Olympic Games emperor all the way from Beijing by this classical taxi to London. Provide the classical taxi that identifies extremely characteristic, easily to already became London alone one of 3 old well-known views, also be one of marks of Britannic kingdom.

Current, the TX4 model brand of auspicious production has been been by denominate Ying Lun Di Hua, this also is the own brand model that home is decided completely first times to be luxurious car. This brand model is smaller than showing some Laosilaisi's appearances to want, integral automobile body and at present domestic BMW, run quickly similar of model of series high end, but in model whole design admiral is met inheritance is in at present the design of the TX4 model that produce, namely the depart with cab and passenger room complete implementation, still have at the same time super- big hind back storage space. It is in 3 large top class models of foreign, run quickly only at present strode Bach to use as same as TX4 design concept.
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