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Carry 9.58-11.58 of price of own 1.8L engine F3 10 thousand
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Obtain the Biyadi of arrogant person outstanding achievement by right of 1.6L F3, the energy that its save is erupting continuously. In high-key announce F3R appears on the market after be not worth a month, biyadi announces again now, model of class of below its banner another heavy pound -- 1.8L F3 appeared on the market formally on May 1.


The graph is 1.8L Biyadi F3

As we have learned, 1.8L F3 carried Biyadi last a period of time of 3 years of research and development brand-new engine, dynamical performance gets promoting substantially. Current, 1.8L F3 is offerred exalted model, two admiral models, price is respectively ninety-five thousand eight hundred, one hundred and fifteen thousand eight hundred, among them admiral still configured can inspect back a car system. The analysis inside course of study, 1.8L F3 will be depended on insurgent " Chinese core " , aim at with the individual character of vigor, motion triumphant wait for a competitor more, advance triumphantly in fractionize market.

   Acute meaning enterprising is own the technology is glaring " heart region "

According to Biyadi relevant controller introduces, 1.8L F3 is used on exterior at present on the 1.6L model of sell like hot cakes quite reputable reputable is classical design, respect criterion waits in charge for the making of sth. more delicate and exquisite. And the window with this new the oldest car depends on, its used Biyadi the engine BYD483QA of own research and development. This is Biyadi is in first most crucial " heart technology " the engine that goes up to use own research and development in the round. The expert inside course of study thinks, biyadi grows this mere own brand of 3 years dares to innovate, reflected actual strength of this company's deep research and development, also show be eager to make progress of its acute meaning at the same time " brave person wind model " .

In fact, the BYD483QA that 1.8L F3 place carries this engine last a period of time 3 years of research and development, it is Biyadi technical crystallization. To it before the engine of 4G18 of 3 water chestnut that provides on 1.6L model is compared, this " Chinese core " most high-power promotes 90KW by original 73.5KW, torque also promotes 160 N · M considerably. The straight line that popularity also introduced outside its 16 valve, electron controls 4 crocks of double camshaft carrying buy on the head technology of eject of fuel much dot, the parameter from engine is transverse and comparative, BYD483QA is achieved already completely or be the same as the mainstream level of level engine more than.


The graph is Biyadi last a period of time of 3 years of research and development brand-new 1.8L engine
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