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Hunan head fund is intermediate scene of car Changjiang Delta gets offline price
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Yesterday afternoon, a red discharges an amount 1.8 litres " Changjiang Delta scene " from Hunan Xiangtan 9 China on the automation line with brand-new garden of Changjiang Delta auto industry slowly sail below. This mark is worn the first when Hunan had him to produce intermediate car.

Scene of 1.8 litres of Changjiang Delta is Changjiang Delta car 3 years the design finishs last a period of time of expert of the design outside organizing country, own complete own intellectual property. Line of this car automobile body is concise and fluent, but truckload and delicate in harbour embodies powerful force, aid of firm soft posture.

As an intermediate car, "Changjiang Delta scene " equiped adjustable of height, angle change direction dish, 6 paragraphs of adjustable and dynamoelectric seat, dynamoelectric scuttle, door lock is controlled in the center of, back a car radar, ABS is prevented adopt dead brake system, safe gasbag, the acoustics configuration of 6 dish CD. Outside be being configured except these standards, "Changjiang Delta scene " optional still deserve to avoid the car that carry type to carry navigation system of phone, satellite to wait. The data that Changjiang Delta car provides shows, this car uses JN481Q environmental protection motor, most high-power 92kw, 170Nm of the biggest torque, dynamical performance is excellent, 5 block a hand to move (optional match 4 block automatic) transmission, start successive shift gears quickens place of 100km / H to need time to be less than 12 seconds, top speed can amount to 180km / H.

Yesterday, the reporter is in the covers an area of 45 thousand square general assembly workshop of new completion, see tens of car of Changjiang Delta scene is advancing along automation line. On check line, each car undertakes desired result of dynamic toe-int, sideslip, headlamp, apply the brake, speed, tail gas is discharged strictly, background check check, get wet in the rain etc multinomial examine.

According to general manager of production company of Changjiang Delta car Guan Feng gold introduces, abstruse develop produce and sale measured Changjiang Delta car to break through 10 thousand to close greatly first last year, export an international market successfully; And with twenty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan of Changjiang Delta the price bottom line of litter of 30 thousand yuan of homes of home of checkmate of abstruse develop with one action, become domestic home litter " low king " , sell in the market very pretty good. Scene of Changjiang Delta of 1.8 litres of when get offline yesterday 3 compartment is indicating Changjiang Delta car is formal march to intermediate car market by small litter. But this, changjiang Delta car was not announced " Changjiang Delta scene " the market fixes a price. According to Changjiang Delta car sale company general manager seeks Wen Sheng to divulge, this car price may be controlled in 100 thousand yuan.

As we have learned, product line of car of Changjiang Delta scene always invests 800 million yuan, have outfit of punch of modern automobile body, solder, besmear outfit, general assembly 4 big truckload production product line and line of a check. After building go into operation entirely, can produce per year 80 thousand cars, annual produce amounts to 8 billion yuan. Press a program, plan of project of the first phase invests project of garden of Changjiang Delta auto industry 1.8 billion yuan, in building manhood to produce 130 thousand 2006 high-grade car product line, develop go into operation 3 in car of set of card of high-grade Changjiang Delta; Reinvest of project of the 2nd phase 1.08 billion yuan, when building in the round to 2008, form in producing per year 260 thousand high-grade car productivity, gross value of industrial output exceeds 20 billion.
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