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March Feiyate rolls out market of the high-powered car that lift a back Grande P
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Lift market back a car hotly to march, feiyate will roll out a Grande Punto that has 200 horses. In current Feiyate in a group of people of same interest, the model with the most driving horsepower also no more than is derv edition " Sporting " , have 130 horse power. But after new fund is born, this one word will be surmounted.

Feiyate Grande Punto exterior (graph)

This brand-new model general hopeful be gotten on by the coronal famous " Abarth " honor, abarth is manufacturer of a car, with producing racing bike far and near is famed. But after this company is bought by Feiyate from 1971, made department of Feiyate's subordinate cycle racing research and development, be similar to responsible Meisaidesi - the M sports car of the AMG that run quickly or BMW is ministry of research and development. Those who use is brand-new the motivation that designs report to give this car will increase somewhat, besides, this car still designs the mouth taking energy of life of buy having a tip and wider tread. Huge aluminium alloy hub and upgrade the air motive force of edition is covered enter its each, on the place that firm installation needs in this car place.

According to AutoExpress divulge, this are brand-new edition general hopeful is sent at executing European head later on 2007, predicting price is 15, 000 pound (add up to a RMB about 230, 756 yuan) .

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