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Small QQ is shown greatly " province " the hand surprises 06 times lucky QQ appe
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Now, strange luck car sells a company to announce 06 QQ put in the market formally on June 1. The strange luck QQ that regards China as product of ace of small litter market upgrades further replacement, will continue to consolidate its are in undoubtedly of market of small litter of car of domestic wing-rooms on either side of one storey house and vogue present as leading role position.

As we have learned, the main feature of QQ of 06 strange luck is centered at two big fields, 4 sell a site greatly, come from the product combination at its redefine and configuration to upgrade respectively, and 1.1L series is comprehensive strange him luck of transhipment of through cargo litre of power that CAC472 efficient engine brings rise to drop with oily bad news.

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Strange luck QQ
Strange luck QQ
Strange luck QQ
Strange luck QQ

More substantial: Combination is more reasonable, add deserve not to increase price

This the product line to QQ did strange luck company to be combed in the round, form by 6 3 old series, edition model, the matrix type product line that 14 products place forms. Among them 3 old series and past are same, because the distinction of dynamical assembly is 0.8L hand respectively,move archives and electron automatic archives, still 1.1L hand stirs file.

6 edition change is bigger, increased to have the configuration of allure quite any better among them. With 0.8L hand the department that stir file is labelled exemple, price twenty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan " basic model " held the position previously; After increasing the configuration such as circle of exalted brake lamp, aluminium annulus, form " standard type " , the surveyor's pole price that still carries QQ 33333 yuan, compare nevertheless previously with price model much gave value more than 1000 yuan aluminium annulus circle.