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Shanghai general Xue Folan
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Information caption: Beg buy Shanghai general Xue Folan- - category of 0.8SPARK car car: Car
Car brand: Domestic brand- - Shanghai general Xue Folan seeks the price that buy a car: 1-5 10 thousand
Color requirement: Travel demand:
The platoon estimates a demand: Trade area: Guangxi
Plate change the name of owner in a register: Must
Car condition describes:
Oneself buy new car without money, want to buy a two handcart to ride instead of walk, who is there contact me please? '0.8SPARK of Shanghai general Xue Folan is best, because save oil ah, my mobile phone of haing haing ~~ is 13877015007

Contact information
Contact: Li Shanglian fastens QQ:
Detailed address: Guangxi prevents city harbor

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